My name is André! I’m a software developer who’s passionate about design, development, and delivering expectations. Below you’ll see a list of the things I’ve worked on over the years. If you have any questions or need anything, don’t hestiate to reach out!




(and other stuff too)

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This Website

Description: This is my new personal website. The original website was quite basic. Simple techonolgies. However, I wanted to create a new one using something it bit more...modern.

Year Built: 2022

Technologies: Next JS, Sass

Screenshot of my website's homepage
KJ's Nailhause

Description: This website was created with the basic technologies, however, this was my first introduction to using a css framework. That framework took the bulk of the design and all I had to do was make tweaks to make it her own. This is now getting a redesign using Next.js.

Year Built: 2020

Technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PWA, Materialize.css, Materialize.js

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No Adults Left Behind

Description: Early on in my adventures of software development, this was one of the first websites I created. This website was challenging at the time because it was content rich. There was a lot to say and everywhere to say it. I used the PHP language and modular templates to handle some of the components of the website.

Year Built: 2016

Technologies: PHP, CSS, JavaScript, Materialize.css, Materialize.js


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Description: Business class texting at it's finest. Owned by a sister company, developing the website portion put my development skills to the test. Designed by an agency near by, they delivered every asset required to recreate with code. SVG's, animation examples, custom blog styling, etc., This brought some welcomed challenges along the way.

Year Built: 2021

Technologies: WordPress, PHP, JavaScript

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Description: Challenged by their heavy influence on SEO standards, they didn't want things to go wrong during the redesign. Trying to redesign a website where a lot of pages are well indexed on the first page of Google search results, had it's fair share of difficulties. Designing to keep the content in mind, making sure to update the aesthetics, and code these things into existence was not only fun, but rewarding.

Year Built: 2021

Technologies: WordPress, PHP, JavaScript, Figma

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Pumpkin Place & Little Oaks Learning Center

Description: A design and development project near and dear to me. During a time where I designed and developed at my current company, this is the one that enhanced my love for UI/UX and design principles. Due to the simple design, you'll notice several things in play to help create a more comfortable, and accessible user experience.

Year Built: 2021

Technologies: WordPress, PHP, Figma


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XS Supply

Description: The client approached with a request to handle a large amount of data on previous store. Going through the data migration, outsourcing the design, and building website took quite a long time. It was definitely worth it as this site brought a lot of character-building moments to many, and the rush from satifying the client's expectations.

Year Built: 2020

Technologies: Shopify Platform, Liquid, Sass